Welcome to VegasStreetRacers.com, founded on February 5, 2006...

This web site is dedicated to car enthusiasts around the world, but especially in the wild and crazy city of Las Vegas. The thought behind this web site is the brain child of Adam Brooks and Richard Reed. Both of us have lived here in Vegas, currently live in Vegas, and both have traveled around the world to dozens of countries checking out some of the most exotic and fun street rides.

As we all know, there is nothing more fun that driving a street machine and possibly exceeding the speed limit. We do not condone street racing, it just happens to be the name of this web site.

Throughout this web site we would like to share with you photos of our cars and trucks as well as friends street rides. We are not car brokers or have a dealership, we are car enthusiasts.

The pictures on this site you will notice do not have prices associated with the vehicle because in many cases the cars/trucks are really not for sale. We really like buying street racers much more than selling one of our babies.

Should you see a car / truck that you think you just gotta buy, give us a shout and we can put you in contact with the owner and maybe you can get lucky.

Enjoy the photos and if you live or visit Vegas and have a real street racer car / truck you want to show off, then email us some photos and who knows, maybe you can impress your friends when your ride is featured on VegasStreetRacers.com.








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